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NordXE, December 15 2021

Play-to-earn – not just trust but design too

CryptoMines play-to-earn game have been in our radar’s side beep since it was started. We put it to the class of the game companies that are trying to get their money in the NFT-rush with their own $Eternal (https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/cryptomines/) crypto currency. Checked it once and noticed that it is not really a game. I is more like click-twice-a-day game in browser. The site looks fabulous and the game idea where you are mining resources in the SCI-FI environment but still as I said it went out of our list as a silly way to get fast buck or two for developers – it is not really a game and less so anything original without the play-to-earn possibility.

Last week https://clutchpoints.com/what-is-cryptomines/ and other medias updated that the game (original) will be closed as the currency crashed as there was a panic going around the players and of course sad buyers of $Eternal. And here we come to the first point to remember for companies wanting to enter to the play-to-earn market – Trust! We started to look around the company behind the crypto used, the studio making the game and people behind them both. With business strategy insight we would say that we are better than average in finding the connections and backgrounds and what we found was not anything that we would like to trust and founding anything was really a pain. So if you want to do a earn-to-play be transparent – let the players trust that you are somewhere. There is an old rule of the thumb in the betting industry: If you have web-casino, still show the actual address of the HQ and also a picture of that building.

The other learning from this is that if you want to make an ETP game, make a game! Do not just create an earning models and a new crypto. This will make the players to be less effected by effects on the crypto.

And third, remember that there are always people ready to manipulate markets both in exchanges and in game itself. if you have not taken these situations in to account already in the design face of the game, the trading models and so forth - you should test, model and simulate the worst cases.

Earn-to-Play games will have great future we are certain of that, but player/crypto-owner that have been burned once will be a suspicious customer in future.

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