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Minna Eerikäinen, May 14 2020

NordXE Uniting Digital Assets

Long ago, at the beginning of the times when fur was traded for tools, an exchange economy born. Commodities were exchanged for other commodities, and thus trading developed. Over the years, the instruments of exchange developed from gold to money and established into the traditional finance economy.

Now times have changed, the digital age has taken over the commerce and shaped established means of exchange. Services are transforming to online services, commodities are turning to digital assets, and the number of online services is growing. 

We want to bring the exchange economy to the new era and move the commodity exchange to the digital environment by uniting all digital assets into one exchange.

Currently, there are several exchange platforms with limited trust mechanisms, regulations and laws in place that prevent the total potential of the market from being realized, and digital assets that do not have an existing exchange platform or trading capabilities. Digital commodities such as customer loyalty points, air miles, game currency, CO2 removal certificates, and many other digital assets are fragmented into several different platforms and losing value due to restricted trading possibilities. The current setup is full of opportunities for service providers. Still, the service user is limited to use certain services of one platform. Bonus points, air miles, and other assets often remain unused due to the limited features of service platforms. With the existing setup service users can easily transfer money online, but the value they receive from digitalized assets remains limited. 

To unlock the value of digital assets requires development in the digital asset market. We know how to turn the regulatory requirements into a powerful tool, realizing the market's full potential. Uniting all kinds of exchangeable digital assets into one application and bringing together the features of several exchange platforms into one regulated marketplace, we are adding value for any digital asset. Digital asset issuance and secondary markets need a dedicated market infrastructure to work flexibly. High-performance technology and compliance make digital asset trade easy and safe to use. 

We are based in Helsinki, Finland. Our culture in the Northern part of the world is based on trust and compliance. We see regulations as our advantage. Our Nordic roots make trust and regulations as part of our DNA. High security is the basis of our daily operations, making compliance and regulatory our core know-how. We want to unlock the potential of your digital assets and add more value to your users. We offer the technology to all kinds of consumer applications, building trust, and transparency between the user and the service provider. 

Written by

Minna Eerikäinen


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