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Minna Eerikäinen, May 25 2020

NordXE — FSA Licensed Digital Asset Exchange

The Financial Supervision Authority of Finland issued a license for NordXE's digital asset exchange in April 2020. Operating under the Financial Supervision Authority as a Virtual Currency Service Provider we can guarantee customers a regulated, reliable and secure trading ecosystem. NordXE trading platform will be launched later in 2020 becoming among the first licensed digital exchanges in Europe, allowing a cross-trade between the cryptocurrencies, foreign exchange, stable coins and other digital assets.

The Financial Supervision Authority of Finland issued a license for NordXE's digital asset exchange in April 2020.

New technologies are changing the traditional finance market while the new transaction protocols are modifying the practices for digital value transfer and asset exchange. We want to offer a new perspective on the use of digital assets and make it effortlessly available to consumers and businesses. The new trading environment unleashes the full potential of digital value transfer enabling the exchange of all kinds of digital assets such as loyalty points and game currencies. In addition to traditional cryptocurrency trading, NordXE digital exchange provides the opportunity to exchange all kinds of digital assets for fiat and cryptocurrencies. Soon our customers can exchange game currencies for traditional assets, purchase cryptocurrencies with bonus points or easily offset their CO2 footprint by buying CO2 removal assets in a fully compliant ecosystem. Offering the new technology and regulated platform, NordXE allows companies a hosted and compliant service to expand to the secure exchange between digital goods and traditional currencies.

Increased regulation of cryptocurrencies is a positive development in the industry. Regulations encourage companies to establish better practises and create a safer environment for digital asset trading. We believe that the cryptocurrency market needs better practises and practical examples of utilising the technology to establish a better reputation around the digital asset market. The permission of the Financial Supervision Authority ensures the legality of operations and guarantees a safe service to NordXE exchange platform. NordXE's digital asset exchange platform will be released later this year. 

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Minna Eerikäinen


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