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Minna Eerikäinen, May 25 2020

FSA Issues License To NORDXE — Digital Asset Exchange Unleashing New Investments In The Market

The Financial Supervision Authority of Finland issued a license for NordXE's digital asset exchange in April 2020. Operating under the FSA license, NordXE can guarantee a regulated, reliable, and secure trading ecosystem to exchange all kinds of virtual assets. In addition to traditional digital assets, the NordXE platform offers an opportunity to exchange virtual property such as bonus points and game currency for euros and more traditional digital assets.

The new era of digitalization brings new challenges also for consumer's personal finances. New online services are creating all kinds of virtual property, but virtual assets such as game currency or air miles are rarely convertible to cash. Increasing digital assets lead to the accumulation of funds for services that cannot be utilized for everyday needs. Offering the new technology and regulated platform for companies, NordXE creates value for any digital assets and secure exchange between digital goods and traditional currencies.

NordXE CEO Anu Honkalinna says: “Technology is unleashing new investments in the market and offering a legitimate and effortless way to release property for everyday needs. We want to offer a new perspective on the use of digital assets and make it effortlessly available to consumers.”

NordXE sees increased regulation of cryptocurrencies as a positive development in the industry and wants to provide practical examples of how to utilize digital assets. The license from the Financial Supervision Authority ensures the legality of operations and guarantees a safe service. NordXE plans to offer trading opportunities in new asset types such as air miles or CO2 offsetting. NordXE will launch its services later this year. 


NordXE develops a digital investment platform for traditional investments, cryptocurrencies, and other digital assets, and licenses digital assets for corporate services. NordXE was established in 2019 and is a virtual currency exchange service licensed and regulated under the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority. NordXE headquarter is in Helsinki, Finland.www.nordxe.eu

More information: Minna Eerikäinen Head of Marketing, minna@nordxe.eu.

NORDXE, info@nordxe.eu

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Minna Eerikäinen


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